Mending the Wounded

Sometimes when Nicole and/or I are downtown, we walk by tags that have been ripped apart and left to hang there. It’s really sad to see something you put time and effort into torn up. A lot of tags have gone missing, but it’s the ones left half ripped down that really hurt. I saw this tag (of Nicole’s) for the first time last week. I was happy I had some yarn and my yarn needle with me so I could quickly repair it.



it looks kind of like a hippo now : )

if you ever see a wounded tag and have mending supplies with you, feel free to fix it up : )


2 responses to “Mending the Wounded

  1. I’m starting to think that maybe the elements have something to do with them falling apart…
    But people are definitely taking down some of them

  2. Hi Samantha, I just met you today at the mall at KIP. I haven’t seen any of your handiwork yet out there but I’m sure to at some point in time. It sure brightens things up when we have to look at the mess of the city with the garbage accumulating.
    Good Luck

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