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Windsor’s First Fully Covered Piece!!

i’m so excited to share this. Elisha, who has basically been keeping this blog alive with her photos, has finally finished covering her parking meter with her crochet tags**. it looks beautiful and feminine and 100% unique. i like it a lot and can’t wait to see it in person. LOOK:

DONE! photo by Elisha

DONE! photo by Elisha

it’s so nice that something has been fully covered. i feel like i haven’t tagged in a really long time. i’ve been trying to put tags downtown only, but since i live 12km+ away , i think i may start to hit Forest Glade. it only makes sense and it will give me an excuse to go on random walks or bike rides by myself. i definitely feel like i am missing out on June.

ANYWAY, great job Elisha!! congratulations on covering the parking meter : )

**I was just informed that the yellow tags are in fact knitted. Nicole taught Elisha how to knit at the last CNAP meeting and she’s steadily becoming addicted. yay!