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Windsor’s First Fully Covered Piece!!

i’m so excited to share this. Elisha, who has basically been keeping this blog alive with her photos, has finally finished covering her parking meter with her crochet tags**. it looks beautiful and feminine and 100% unique. i like it a lot and can’t wait to see it in person. LOOK:

DONE! photo by Elisha

DONE! photo by Elisha

it’s so nice that something has been fully covered. i feel like i haven’t tagged in a really long time. i’ve been trying to put tags downtown only, but since i live 12km+ away , i think i may start to hit Forest Glade. it only makes sense and it will give me an excuse to go on random walks or bike rides by myself. i definitely feel like i am missing out on June.

ANYWAY, great job Elisha!! congratulations on covering the parking meter : )

**I was just informed that the yellow tags are in fact knitted. Nicole taught Elisha how to knit at the last CNAP meeting and she’s steadily becoming addicted. yay!


Elisha’s Parking Meter, Nearly Complete!

Elisha has been working hard to cover this parking meter. She is one tag away from it being complete! I really admire her dedication. I feel like I haven’t tagged in a really long time (but i also live a million kilometers from the bike racks i’m trying to cover, so that could be why.) Anyway, pictures!



It just needs one more tiny tag! I hope she decides to use black to balance it perfectly : ) Photo by Elisha.

It just needs one more tiny tag! I hope she decides to use black to balance it perfectly : ) Photo by Elisha.


Detail of the bold yellow and pink tag

Detail of the bold yellow and pink tag. Photo by Elisha.

She calls this one Embroidered Astronomy. I really like how unique it is. Photo by Elisha.

She calls this one Embroidered Astronomy. I really like how unique it is. Photo by Elisha.

As always, great job Elisha! I look forward to seeing this piece completed : )

Update on Elisha’s Parking Meter

Elisha has been crocheting up a storm! She has attached yet another beautiful tag on her parking meter. I saw her last night at CNAP where she showed me the buttons that she uses to embellish the tags. She gets small boxes of buttons from the dollar store. She said that they’re sold by colour, which sounds awesome. I’ve never even thought of buying buttons from the dollar store! These tags can be seen on Chatham near the Art Gallery of Windsor.

photo by Elisha

Two More Crocheted Tags

A little while ago, Elisha started to crochet tags for a parking meter near the Art Gallery of Windsor. I haven’t actually seen them in real life, but she’s been uploading pictures of them to her Flickr account, which is where these pictures are from. She’s been embellishing them with buttons, which really adds to their charm. I like them a lot, Elisha. Keep them coming : )


The original crocheted tag.


Elishas latest tag

Elisha's latest tag

Crocheted Tree “Headband”

Last week Nicole, Darren and I attended our first Stitch N Bitch at The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre. Coincidentally, Nicole and I yarnbombed a parking meter right in front of the building a week before, not knowing what went on inside. Upon introducing ourselves, the women who worked there realized it was us who yarnbombed them and seemed to be really happy about it. One woman, whose name I believe is Brandi (thank you Facebook), took a break from crocheting her massive blanket and quickly (!) crocheted a tag for a nearby tree. I took some pictures of the tagging.


there's a garbage strike in Windsor right now. I walked by this tree yesterday, and the pile is twice as large now. It's sad because there is a huge spot next to this tree that the garbage could have been dumped on. but instead, someone decided to surround the tree with it. disgusting.


This tree clearly was in need of some love.


The tag outside of the WWAC. Nicole got business cards made using my photograph of it.

The Windsor Workers’ Action Centre is located on 328 Peliissier, right off of University. Stop in for the next Stitch N Bitch on Thursday June 25th! And if you don’t know how to knit, come to Phog THIS THURSDAY with basic knitting supplies to learn FOR FREE!

Pre-CNAP Tagging

Last week before CNAP, Nicole and I went around looking at some old tags, repairing one, and putting more up. As always, I took some pictures:

A Stirring Drama

Next to ArtCite

Nicole installing a tag

Next to the Amouries

Where's Waldo tag on Victoria Day

On Victoria Day, Dan and I checked on the tags that I could find. A family was walking by in front of us. They were pointing at the tag and saying how neat it was : )

A Casualty

Then three days later, Nicole and I found it in this condition. Someone was trying to take it apart. It was really sad to see because it's my favourite tag of Nicole's. She quickly fixed it, though.

New Tag

During CNAP, I put the one on the bottom up, as well as its twin on the other rack. I can't remember when I put up that other blue/yellow one. It was sometime last week.

PHOG tag

Another view of my Phog tag. you can kind of see a bit of the twin bottom tag too. Only a few more until the rack circles are full. I barely ever go downtown, so my tagging takes a while :(

A Stirring Drama

Another picture of Nicole's tag near ArtCite. I really like that mural.

Coming soon – A video of Nicole talking about why she does what we do, while installing a new tag.


Yarn Bombing is getting a lot of attention in Windsor right now. People are always talking about, pointing at, and even touching, the knit tags that live in downtown Windsor. It’s an exciting time for public displays of yarn in this city, which is why I’ve made this blog.



One of the first tags

Some of the first tags



I’ll start with some back story. My friend Nicole and I met at a craft show a few years ago. We instantly bonded over our passion for knitting. We have been knitting for a combined 15+ years, I believe. We can almost always been seen knitting something in public. Twice a month we host Oh CNAP, which stands for Craft Night at Phog (1st & 3rd Thursdays @6:30!) We knit for charity, we knit for friends, we knit for ourselves, and we knit for our city.


Near ArtCite

Near ArtCite


Over the last month, we’ve put up countless knit tags in downtown Windsor. We’re not doing it for the recognition or the attention (although that is very nice!), we are doing it for the city. The city of Windsor is hurting right now. So many people are laid off and unemployed. So many think poorly of downtown. So many are frustrated with the mayor and his elaborate plans for the city’s core. They’re frustrated with how long it takes to decide things and with how expensive these downtown “revitalization” projects are going to be. They’re frustrated with how the current state of downtown is not being addressed – the closed down shops, the litter (which is so much worse now because of the garbage strike), the broken cement planters, the terrible ratio of adult vs family-friendly establishments. The list is endless. 


My first tag

My first tag


Our goal as Guerilla Knitters is to soften downtown Windsor. To make it cozy and comfy. To make cold metal appear warm.  To have less cement and more colour. To show our love for Windsor.

I plan to cover these Phog bike racks

I love Windsor. I’ve stuck by it when my friends and classmates would express their disgust with the city. I’ve vowed to stay when others vowed to leave. ASAP. I saw the potential. I knew that if we wanted a nice city, rich in the arts, we’d have to do it ourselves. If we leave for greener pastures, our little city would never grow. But it is growing. There is so much going on here. There are so many groups (like Broken City Lab) taking the city into their own hands. Groups of thinkers and doers who are passionate about saving this city of ours. Knitters are another one of these groups, and we’re growing. Fast.