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New Beaded Tag at Phog

The other day, I went to Phog and put up a few tags I’ve had laying around. This one, however, was completed at Phog. I really like it. Knitting with beads always interested me, but it seemed arduous to string all of the beads on. I decided to just suck it up and try it out. I found some beads that I’ve had for a million years and started stringing them on. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I started to knit tons on, but then I quickly realized that I should probably go easy on it since I only had around 50 beads and I wanted to have them throughout the entire 7.5″ tall tag.

beaded tag

It reminds me of rain. Too bad I installed it upside down, lol.

new tag

Rainy Tag, upside down in all its glory.

I ended up sewing it on upside down, lol. But that’s okay because it looks like the beads are falling and collecting at the bottom. On the other side, I sew this tag to another so that someone couldn’t just walk by and pull it off. That is why it’s kind of pulled down in this picture. I’m not really sure if it can be pulled back up to cover the entire pole. I don’t think it would be since it was the exact size of the pole before I sewed it to the other one. This means I should probably knit one more smaller tag to put on top of this one.

I put up a few more tags this night, but I’ll save those for another post : )

Elisha’s been hard at work again!

Elisha’s been knitting these amazing yellow tags for the last few weeks. Each new one is cuter than the last, if that’s even possible. There are a few more pictures, but I’ll just leave you with this one for now.

New Phog Tags

I took an unplanned break from knitting and tagging for about a month. I had been knitting all winter and spring, it seemed, so it was nice to get away from it for a while. But at the last CNAP meeting, I felt like I should get back to tagging the bike racks outside of Phog. They’re so close to being finished. I had a few finished tags in my bag already, and I knitted one during the meeting. Elisha showed me how to do some sort of crochet embroidery on the tags, so I practiced that technique on a plain red one. I definitely need to practice some more. I put up three or four tags after the meeting.

As I was sewing the tags onto each of the bike racks, a few people stopped to tell me how great the tags are around downtown and how they really make the city look nicer. One man even stuck around for probably ten minutes telling me how the Windsor taggers have inspired him with our beautiful knitting. He told me that he wants to experiment with coat hangers and other materials to make a bike rack look like a medicine wheel. I think it would be amazing. I hope he tries it.

As always, I took some pictures of my work. Unfortunately it was pretty late and there were bikes on the racks (two of them being mine and my boyfriends, lol) so the pictures aren’t as good as I wanted them to be.


you can barely see the new tag in this picture. it's the blue one on the left.


it says Obnubilate. I was going to do a week of tags with Webster's Word of the Day embroidered into them, but all of the words after this one were just pointless lol.


The new ones are the two bottom ones on the circle part of the bike rack, and also the red and yellow one.


This is the one I practiced the crochet embroidery on. I did it too tight, so the center part puckered really strangely.


This rack is nearly complete! I need to knit one small tag, and then i have to make a larger one to finish the middle part.

The next post is going to showcase Elisha’s new EPIC knit tags. Seriously, they’re amazing.

Windsor’s First Fully Covered Piece!!

i’m so excited to share this. Elisha, who has basically been keeping this blog alive with her photos, has finally finished covering her parking meter with her crochet tags**. it looks beautiful and feminine and 100% unique. i like it a lot and can’t wait to see it in person. LOOK:

DONE! photo by Elisha

DONE! photo by Elisha

it’s so nice that something has been fully covered. i feel like i haven’t tagged in a really long time. i’ve been trying to put tags downtown only, but since i live 12km+ away , i think i may start to hit Forest Glade. it only makes sense and it will give me an excuse to go on random walks or bike rides by myself. i definitely feel like i am missing out on June.

ANYWAY, great job Elisha!! congratulations on covering the parking meter : )

**I was just informed that the yellow tags are in fact knitted. Nicole taught Elisha how to knit at the last CNAP meeting and she’s steadily becoming addicted. yay!

Mending the Wounded

Sometimes when Nicole and/or I are downtown, we walk by tags that have been ripped apart and left to hang there. It’s really sad to see something you put time and effort into torn up. A lot of tags have gone missing, but it’s the ones left half ripped down that really hurt. I saw this tag (of Nicole’s) for the first time last week. I was happy I had some yarn and my yarn needle with me so I could quickly repair it.



it looks kind of like a hippo now : )

if you ever see a wounded tag and have mending supplies with you, feel free to fix it up : )

Update on Elisha’s Parking Meter

Elisha has been crocheting up a storm! She has attached yet another beautiful tag on her parking meter. I saw her last night at CNAP where she showed me the buttons that she uses to embellish the tags. She gets small boxes of buttons from the dollar store. She said that they’re sold by colour, which sounds awesome. I’ve never even thought of buying buttons from the dollar store! These tags can be seen on Chatham near the Art Gallery of Windsor.

photo by Elisha

Two More Crocheted Tags

A little while ago, Elisha started to crochet tags for a parking meter near the Art Gallery of Windsor. I haven’t actually seen them in real life, but she’s been uploading pictures of them to her Flickr account, which is where these pictures are from. She’s been embellishing them with buttons, which really adds to their charm. I like them a lot, Elisha. Keep them coming : )


The original crocheted tag.


Elishas latest tag

Elisha's latest tag